We have to be brave, courageous, and unite. 

You Have the RIGHT to Be Informed of the-  






COVID Is A Systematic Euthanasia Program

READ Covid Article

Hamas launching rockets at children's playground and American college students chanting for Hamas? 

Article May 13, 2024

Neurological Problem Amongst Covid Vaccinated


IMPORTANT!***Trust, Taxes, Claiming Your Identity

Video Explanation

DNA Contamination in COVID-19 Vaccines

Article & Video

A Big Red PILL- United we stand!  11/29/23

Video- Time to Wake Up

The Abuse Toward Women and Children Is A Humanitarian Crisis. 

Article by Dr. Sircus

How B Vitamins Improve Brain Health, Cognition, Psychiatric Problems and Mood Disorders 

Dr. Mercola Article

Psychosis, Mental & Emotional Problems After Vaccinated Documented by Medical Profession


Heart Problems After Vaccine-Cardiac Arrest and Toxicity


Gender Transformation- God Will Punish Those Who Harm Children 


Truth About Hamas, Israel, and the Judgement 

Video Explanation by Pastor Gary

America During Obama Years.  Wonder What Obama Did During His Term?  29 Minute Reminder.  (Sound Not Recommended) 

Video: PROOF Compilation of Treasonous Acts

Study Reveals Children Are More Susceptible To Illness AFTER Vaccine   

Study Found Unsettling Results in Children Vaccinated Against COVID-19

America Today- What Is Right In Front of Our Eyes 

Article Worth Reading- America Today, May 5, 2023

Schools in USA Owned By China Communist Party-Changing Our Children's Values


Pharmaceutical Deadly Path- What Is Happening

Article HERE

Please READ BEFORE Giving Your Child HPV  

Article and Story

COVID Articles


Sudden Death Under 65?  What Is Happening? 

Article Here

Robert Kennedy Jr. Interview on Chemtrails and Climate Change- Learn the Truth

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Climate Geoengineering Interview

Sodium Chlorite- MMS- The Miracle Solution for healing they want to hide. 

Video MMS

Rockefeller & The Truth Behind America's Medical System

Short Video

Truth About Injuries Following Injection 

Article Here

Died Suddenly Documentary: Vaccine Truth


Know the Truth about Healthcare. It Is Meant To Keep You Sick.  

Watch Video Here

The Great Reset VS The Great Awakening.  Be Informed.

Truth Video

The Great Reset in Less Than 10 Minutes

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Health News: Daily Headline Interviews & Stories

Front Page of Todays Health News: CHD

What Is the Deep State?  How Will It Impact My Future?

Watch Discussion Here

The Plans by Evil For the World- Who Is Orchestrating Shortages, Pandemic, Wars, Fall Of America

Videos Here

Updated- The Great Reset...and links to discover more!

Watch Video & Article Links Here

The Truth of 5G

7 Minute Video- Stay Informed

Poison Administered Legally

Smoking Gun: SGT Report

"Conspiracy Theory" the oldest trick in the book.  People are waking up- latest in truth.

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Covert Operation- Derek Johnson Law & Order 

Derek Johnson's Website

Economy Expert Explains the Crisis-- Article

Article from Mercola

Looking for Honest News?  America's Voice News Delivers Truth, Top Stories, Videos, and Shows

Americas Voice News

The Tangled Web of Corruption- Censored on Mainstream 

Video and Read Article Here

The Dangers of GMO Food by Former PRO- GMO Scientist,  Thierry Vrain 

Article and Letter to Environmental Group Urging Truth

5 G Is Not Safe....Learn about EMF's 

Links to numerous articles

Fluoride: Poison On Tap Documentary

Video/ Documetary Here

Truth & Proven Antidote to Covid

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The Vaccine and Test Agenda


Listen to Agenda

The New Age Movement Comes From Satanic Roots

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Truth of Covids Deaths and VAERS Report August 1, 2022

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The Proof - How the "Vaccine" Alters Your DNA

The Proof Here

NO Sunscreen?  Wise Interaction With the Sun.  By Nadine Artemis

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The Truth About Covid Vaccine & Medical Fraud Interview Dr. Robert Malone

Interview with Dr. Malone

What GMO foods are doing to You and the Planet

Short Video by Zach Bush, MD

How To Create A Non Toxic Home

Non Toxic Home Resource: Small Footprint Family

The Importance of the MICROBIOME with Zach Bush, MD

Video: Dr. Zach Bush

What is Spiritual Warfare- Does It Really Exist? 

Christianity Article Gives You Something To Consider