"Since the cleanse, we have more energy, sleep better and we lost weight! We’ve learned that a vegan, organic diet is easy to shop for and doesn’t have to be boring. Dr. Kimberly has been very knowledgeable and supportive. She has been easily accessible when we have questions or need products."

Donna & Wes S.

"I highly recommend Dr. LeHew’s services. I am particularly pleased with the Standard Process 21 Day Cleanse to alkalize your body. I started the cleanse to jumpstart a diet and to get rid of cravings for sugar and carbs. I lost a total of 8 lbs in the 21 days and then continued onto lose a total of 15lbs. I have felt the best I have felt in years. I love the Standard Process shake and continue to use it daily. I am so pleased and would do this again. I love Dr. LeHew; she is an amazing example of health and vitality and a wealth of information. She is so joyful and encouraging. It is obvious that she loves her work, and loves helping people reach their goals."

Cathie H.

"Dr. Kimberly has been a god send for getting my health back in order since my stressful divorce . I honestly don’t know where my health would be without her. After following the purification cleanse, my menopausal symptoms have decreased and I lost12 pounds. I am grateful for her teaching me about alkaline foods and clean eating. Nutrition is the key to me feeling great. She also addressed my thyroid and adrenal health which has improved my energy greatly. I recommend her to anyone who is serious about getting healthy."

Jeanne B.

"Dr. Kimberly LeHew is a humble, caring, patient professional who shared a wealth of knowledge with me over the past 8 years. Her care for me has helped me to make positive, life long choices for my total health. She genuinely has my best health in mind in caring for me and I will continue to rely on her. I love her!"

Nikki K.

"I first came to Dr. LeHew in 2006 with terrific pain. Up to this point I had not found relief. Dr. LeHew took me on as a patient and worked wonders. I have been pain free since that time. She has not only been an excellent doctor but a true friend."

Hank W.

" I want to thank you for your guidance and support during my recent liver cleanse. As you know, I was told by my doctor that I needed to go on medication for my high cholesterol. I asked him to let me try to control it on my own before starting any medication. That is when I reached out to you. Within 6 weeks after starting your cleanse, my cholesterol total dropped 109 points and my LDL dropped 100 points, which put me in the normal range on my cholesterol numbers. I want to thank you for your guidance with the cleanse and with my diet. I couldn't have done this without you!"

Doug Y

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