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Dr. Kimberly LeHew


Is a chiropractor, licensed in acupuncture, a detoxification specialist and an advanced Ho'oponopono practitioner- by trade. 


My work began at the early age of 14 starting with nutrition and fitness.  It quickly evolved into holistic health while I was simultaneously immersed into my spiritual growth and later quantum healing.


Now at 52, with my professional trainings, experience, and self discovery and healing,  I have the ability to effectively get results with women trapped in self-doubt, perfectionism, and fear.


You can only create the life you are energetically aligned to, and knowing how to do that purposefully and gracefully is my gift.


is to people align the 4 aspects of the self which will create their best health, fulfillment of the TRUE self, and success.


I do this by helping them heal emotional limitations and past wounds, becoming mentally confident and  believing in themselves, while building a vibrant healthy physical body. 


The beginning of the journey begins know thyself and love thyself without conditions.  You must KNOW you are worthy of everything you desire.


The real truth is you have everything inside of you NOW, I just show you how to unlock it. 


I am honored to assist those ready to leap into discovering their unlimited potential and creating a new fulfilling life of success.    I believe in you!

Professional Studies & Training

*Doctor of Chiropractic, Cleveland Chiropractic, Kansas City, Mo (2002)
* Licensed in Acupuncture (2003)

* Detoxification Specialist (2010)
* Advanced Ho'oponopono Practitioner (2017/2018)
* Soul Art Laura Hollick (2009)
* Spiritual Psychology/Masters Program Santa Monica, CA (1996)
* BA Communications,Biology St. Louis, MO (1993)

 Most have a watered-down version of how the Universal Laws work. I will introduce you to what you must do to align with your dreams.

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