Love is the greatest vibration, an extension of the Creator's power.  Residing in love begins with loving ourselves first, it then extends into our thoughts, actions and livelihood positively influencing every area of our lives including our physical health.

Your inner spirit and chakra energy  determine your Light.  When you live your truth and make decisions, act and think from a higher state of love... your light grows brighter. Your overall health will improve as well as your sense of control over your life.

Being in a state of knowing who you are.  Living from your power within yourself with faith and belief in yourself while being present.  This is my definition of being Awake.  Our true power comes from the divine within and faith in ourselves.

Love is the Key Components to Self Empowerment

I am here to assist you in becoming your most empowered self. I work with the physical body- diet & lifestyle, your energy bodies- chakras, meridians, light bodies and the mind- thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. The common thread throughout my work is to live from love.



Amazing health starts within and works its magical energy out into physical form.  The health paradigm has shifted to look at emotional, mental, spiritual along with the physical body for whole health.  


Your diet should resonate with you on all levels.  Finding your perfect diet takes self discovery.  Knowing the important natural body principles and how to choose high vibe foods improves all aspects of health.


You control your thoughts...your mind will listen and the frequency of your thoughts will create your experiences.  The mind can harm or it can heal.  You can create healing, happiness and success with awareness. 


We are made of many energy bodies that make up our aura and effect our physical body.  Managing your energy gives you the ability to take your health and life into your hands by using the divine power within.


Your spirit is always speaking to you. Learning to listen and align with spirit will assist you on your journey to higher consciousness and joy.  Living from your soul's direction will ensure a life of health an fulfillment.


Living your life your way with passion, joy, responsibility, and love is pure ecstasy .  It is possible when living from your higher self. I assure you, you have within yourself what you need to live a life you love.  

Self Reflection & Contemplation

Self reflection allows for new ideas to come to you and replace beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you.  Only you can go within to identify your blocks and see where you get charged by outside people or circumstances.  I will assist you on your journey to identify, transform, and transmute obstacles.   Contemplation takes compassion and time...but nothing will free you faster.

Healing Tools

There are healing tools to assist you on your journey.  These tools help to support growth & balancing, bring clarity, restore energy and improve your overall well-being.  I use a combination of visualization, crystals, chakra balancing, essential oils, herbs and nutrition with consulting. All work is only beneficial if YOU feel safe and open to heal.  Trusting and deepening your intuition & increasing your self love & self worth is the foundation of my work.

"I have been consulting with Dr. Kimberly for over 10 years. I was suffering from sever stomach pain and pre-menopausal symptoms. Dr. Kimberly had me complete a 3 week cleanse and put mo on a regime ha of natural herbs and I have been feeling terrific ever since. Thank you!"

Linda P.



Learn 4 of the best conscious techniques for re-programming your subconscious mind.  After years of trying, these are my top strategies.  Good-bye to limiting beliefs.



Let your body and intuition guide you to make the right decision for you.  Learn how to go within to have your diet decisions answered.  I have created a guide to get you started!



To "know thyself" gives you clarity, confidence and peace.  Learn 2 important ingredients that I found made the biggest difference in my personal & professional life.


"I love the way Dr. LeHew looks at the "whole health vision" instead of specific body parts. She has successfully helped me with numerous health issues. I have complete confidence and trust in her with my health."

Paulette A.

"Dr. LeHew, you helped me get over my addiction to sugar and learn about alkalinity. I felt like I could diet on my own, but I learned from you, how to eat that helped me feel satisfied, keep my weight off and happy with my lifestyle. I also learned that symptoms are just your body telling you something is not right- you helped me get my health in order! "

Cathy H.

"I believe I am with a doctor that knows how to help my body be it's best. I feel fantastic. I have been pharmaceutical free for 6 years with Dr. LeHew's wisdom and direction on how to eat and have perfect health."

Diana T.

How to Find Your Perfect Breakfast

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