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Have you been on the health journey, but STILL suffer from symptoms and searching to find the answer?

Do you want to know how to get your body, no matter what you are suffering from, to finally HEAL?


In this 90-minute masterclass, you’ll learn exactly what to do to ignite the healing process, what is causing it- (yes- even auto-immune conditions that most doctors can't help), and the holistic answer for preventing illness in the future!


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 What Is A Rejuvenation Lifestyle? 



Natural Hygiene is the healing science of natural living.  It is a  lifestyle that creates a high standard of self-care and physical health for your best healthiest body.  It is your birthright to know and live in accordance with natural laws that produce your highest potential. 

Started back in the 1800's, NHM was already showing it was capable of healing the body.  This movement was silenced, but now people long for the truth. 

Our bodies are designed to self-heal.  "Natural Hygiene" has developed into a full-blown scientific and philosophical system impacting everything that relates to human well-being.

It is a proven way of living and it works!



When you combine physical health with the mind and spirit, you have a lifestyle that allows you to rejuvenate daily. 

"Renewing the mind" with the Creator's word is the only self-help book you'll ever need!  When you live by what God's says and follow the teachings of Jesus, your life will change beyond what you could imagine.

When you have physical health by following natural laws, a powerful- loving- sound mind by following God's word, it produces a body with abundant energy, a sharp mind, happy heart, a vibrant glow and unshakable faith. 


 "Living God's Best Life For You" means  to fulfill what God placed in your heart. 

The most productive way to fulfill that dream is to have a healthy body to carry out your purpose and a sound mind to guide you and sustain you through achieving your purpose.   

The self righteousness going on today may give you money, fame, and material goods, but it will never fill the void that people try fill with external validation, alcohol, drugs, sex, and things.  Only God can soothe that void and discomfort. 

If you are doing life without God, you have not reached the potential God has in store for you!




For 40+ years, I have focused on health. In my 30's, it shifted to spirituality,  quantum physics, healing, research, and putting all I have learned into practice.  I have maintained a high level of health only by living with natural laws, lifestyle habits that reverse aging, attending to my emotional and mental wellness intentionally, and deepening my spiritual health. 

My new found program, The Victorious Rejuvenation Lifestyle, is a 3-month program with  coaching that walks you through  detoxification, strengthening, and rejuvenating the body and mind.

The results people achieve through this transformative 90-day lifestyle program: increased energy, improved digestion and sleep, hormone balancing, confidence, greater self control, and so much more! 



"Your Health Truly Is Your Wealth"

"I see many people aging quickly and following

misconceptions about health.  They believe this is due to genetics, it is normal to have aging illness, they have misinformation, or it is just bad luck.  There is an answer for those who want to take control of their health. 


I help people Rejuvenate Daily.

You can restore your health to the degree that you improve your diet, lifestyle, emotional, mental and physical health. 



“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”  

Thomas Edison



Daily renewing of your mind by resolving emotional wounds, purifying your heart, and improving your habits will lead you to a whole new quality of health!







The detox/rejuvenation cycle is the only way to effectively achieve and maintain the body's health.  This is the body's natural cycle of removing waste, repair, and thriving! 






The most neglected, the biggest impact! If you want to experience your highest potential and live God's best life for you, know when you take that step, Providence moves.




You Deserve Your Best Healthy Life

Common Areas Resolved

Weight Issues

Do you struggle with being overweight or yo-yo dieting? Are you frustrated with trying to find a diet that truly is healthy?

Sick & Symptoms

Are you suffering from common colds and unresolved conditions? Are you tired of symptom relief treatments and never fixing the cause?

Aging Too Fast

Are you searching for ways to stay youthful and vibant>  Are you spending money and time to find the fountain of youth?

Self Doubt

Do you doubt yourself or have low self esteem that keeps you stuck?  Does fear keep you from what you know is possible?

Potential Not Reached

Do you invite the Holy Spirit into your life to help you? Are you experiencing one or more of the 7 attitude hurdles that get in the way?  

Bad Habits

Are you stuck in bad habits that keep you in poor health?  Do you find your thoughts or beliefs are holding you back?

Feel and Look Amazing With

10 Youthful Commandments!


Be sure to eliminate these 10 things if you want to slow down aging and improve your health!

Do you know there are common things people do that are aging themselves much faster and harming their health?

Learn what they are so you can look your best and feel younger!


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for those wanting to know the truth. 

This page contains articles, videos, and interviews regarding why the healthcare system and this world is in a downward spiral.  
Although this may seem far from health, what is happening is impacting most everyone emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.
As people get censored daily, you are kept from the truth.  We are constantly bombarded with misinformation and lies.
Learning the TRUTH can set you free.
My passion is to give people how to get their body and mind to their best optimal health AND give them the truth.  The truth about the big picture so they can make better decisions for themselves and their families. 
I add to this page weekly to keep you informed! 
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"This integrated approach to health is God’s plan for you,
and is a work of the Spirit who revives, restores, and maintains
       health to your mind and body"                  (Isaiah 57:15, Ezekiel 36:27).

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