There is a bridge between MIND and reality.  Your inner world where beliefs, opinions, and thoughts are created, resides in this place called mind.  This powerful force is creating your life.  The more conscious you are, the more fulfilling your life will be because you will create with intention and not by default. 

The BODY is a self-healing work of art.  When whole health is embraced, your quality of life unfolds beautifully.  I focus on nutrition, exquisite self-care, weight & body image, prevention.  The physical body is a reflection of your lifestyle and requires  commitment, self- love and self-reflection to discover your specific needs.

We are made up of unseen ENERGY.  We also vibrate at a rate that determines our health.  Science confirms that the law of vibration is the foundation of your well-being and you are the director of this life-force within you.  You can go as basic or deep as you want, but know, you get to decide how vibrant you will be.

What You Believe, You Can Achieve!

You are powerful. You have the capacity to change your world. You can choose! You can create a life of amazing health, happiness and success!



Amazing health starts within and works its magical energy out into physical form.  The health paradigm has shifted to look at emotional, mental, spiritual along with the physical body for whole health.  


Your diet should resonate with you on all levels.  Finding your perfect diet takes self discovery.  Knowing the important natural body principles and how to choose high vibe foods improves all aspects of health.


You control your thoughts...your mind will listen and the frequency of your thoughts will create your experiences.  The mind can harm or it can heal.  You can create healing, happiness and success with awareness. 


We are energy.  It exists and is the blueprint for how your physical body is thriving.  If you have a symptom, know it existed in the energy before it manifested in the physical body. Healing your energy is the best preventive measure you can take for your health.


Your spirit is always speaking to you.  This is your intuition.  Learning to listen and align with your intuition, your higher self,  will assist you on your journey to more joy and better health. Self reflection and self awareness stimulates growth.


Living your life your way with passion, joy, responsibility, and love is my intention for you.  I assist you in creating a lifestyle that is in alignment with your values, feeds your passions, supports your energetic and physical health, and stimulates growth. 

100% Responsibility

This is about self empowerment.  Taking responsibility for your life gives you power over your health and happiness...You Decide.  It is never about blaming you or anyone else.  It is not saying it is your fault.   It is choosing success, and creating what you want because you own your path.  I assist you in overcoming obstacles, gaining clarity to your dreams for it is the mind that is ultimately creating your reality, not circumstances.

Powers & Principles

When you awaken to your six personal powers, you will discover how much you can impact your life and well being.  These powers are within you now waiting to be developed for your greatest life.

The six guiding light principals promote living from your best self. The principles have created changes in my life that I never would have believed possible.  They heal, transform and evolve your true self.

"I have been consulting with Dr. Kimberly for over 10 years. I was suffering from sever stomach pain and pre-menopausal symptoms. Dr. Kimberly had me complete a 3 week cleanse and put mo on a regime ha of natural herbs and I have been feeling terrific ever since. Thank you!"

Linda P.

"I love the way Dr. LeHew looks at the "whole health vision" instead of specific body parts. She has successfully helped me with numerous health issues. I have complete confidence and trust in her with my health."

Paulette A.

"Dr. LeHew, you helped me get over my addiction to sugar and learn about alkalinity. I felt like I could diet on my own, but I learned from you, how to eat that helped me feel satisfied, keep my weight off and happy with my lifestyle. I also learned that symptoms are just your body telling you something is not right- you helped me get my health in order! "

Cathy H.

"I believe I am with a doctor that knows how to help my body be it's best. I feel fantastic. I have been pharmaceutical free for 6 years with Dr. LeHew's wisdom and direction on how to eat and have perfect health."

Diana T.


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