We Should ALL Be Healthy.

 We Are More Sick Than Ever- WHY?  

"All disease begins in the gut."   -Hippocrates

Cleanse the Body. 

"Your mind creates the chemical soup of the body." 

Renew the Mind.



"If there is a problem in the body and you take care of the bowel,

every other organ will respond to it." Dr. W Arbuthnot Lane

Restore your body to excellent health, stop premature aging,
eliminate chronic degenerative illness by healing the Gut.


Masterclass Available in February-

Learn How To Cleanse the Body and Renew the Mind



“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause

and prevention of disease.”  

Thomas Edison



Daily renewing of your mind by resolving emotional wounds, purifying your heart, and improving your habits will lead you to a whole new quality of health!







The detox/rejuvenation cycle is the only way to effectively achieve and maintain the body's health.  This is the body's natural cycle of removing waste, repair, and thriving! 






The most neglected, the biggest impact! If you want to experience your highest potential and live God's best life for you, know when you take that step, Providence moves.




"Your Health Truly Is Your Wealth"


"Natural Forces Within Us Are the True Healers of Disease."   -Hippocrates

After four decades of study, practice and experience, I believe we do have the power to heal and thrive.  It it evident that when you live right (body, mind, and spirit) the innate intelligence within you will work toward health.   I help you leverage the power of nutrition and lifestyle to slow down aging, reverse cellular damage, and build a strong resilient body.  I address emotional and mental wellness through Biblical teachings that have the potential to heal and give you the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."Psalm 147:3

You can achieve sustainable optimal health by establishing a daily cycle of elimination, strengthening, and rejuvenation.  


 What Is A Rejuvenation Lifestyle? 

When you live by Natural Laws, you are following a high standard of self-care that never changes. When you are healthy, it is much easier for you to fulfill your dreams.  
Our bodies are designed to self-heal.  When you live RIGHT...each and every cell can operate effectively and efficiently.  This means each cell lives out it's life span; you are healthy until your last breath.  This is way God designed the human body. 
"The people need to learn that the natural condition of human begins is one of health, and that every instance of sickness and suffering, unless caused by accident, is caused by some wrong doing from the part of the suffer." Dr. Harriet Austin
When you combine physical health with the mind and spirit, you have a lifestyle that allows you to rejuvenate daily. 
"Renewing the mind" is essential for the unburdened heart.  I use God's word.  The Bible is the only self-help book you'll ever need.  God tells us how to handle every situation you could possibly come up against in your life.   
 A Sound Mind, uncluttered by emotional wounds and destructive mental patterns, will set you on the trajectory of success.  This is available to when you decide to become your best and apply God's principles. 


After 4 decades of studying and practicing a holistic health lifestyle,  and 20+ years in private practice, I am sharing how easily people can have their best health- naturally. 
My new found program, The Victorious Rejuvenation Lifestyle, is a health model that takes you where you are now on your health journey to the best health you could experience.  How? By following natural laws and health principles that Do Not change. 
The results possible through The Victorious Rejuvenation Lifestyle:
Resolution of symptoms, increased energy, improved digestion and sleep, hormone balancing, confidence, greater self-control, and a plan to prevent "disease" and so much more.

You Deserve Your Best Healthy Life

Common Areas Resolved

Weight Issues

Do you struggle with being overweight or yo-yo dieting? Are you frustrated with trying to find a diet that truly is healthy?

Chasing Symptoms

Are you suffering from common colds and unresolved conditions? Are you tired of symptom relief treatments and never fixing the cause?

Aging Too Fast

Are you searching for ways to stay youthful and vibrant?  Are you spending money and time to find the fountain of youth?

Low Energy

Energy production and mitochondria health is necessary for rejuvenation.  Are you living a lifestyle to support function and health of ATP?

Potential Not Reached

Do you have a healthy spiritual life?  Spiritual health is the all encompassing missing link to being truly healthy and living a fulfilling life.   

Do You Want to Slow Down Aging and

Feel Your Best? 

Follow the 10 Longevity Commandments

Remove these 10 Things Destroying Your Health 

10 Longevity Commandments

 Do you know there are common things people do that are aging themselves much faster and harming their health?

Learn what they are so you can feel and look your best!


Get List Now!

GENESIS 1:29  

 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

Let the Truth Set You Free


for those wanting to know the truth. 

This page contains articles, videos, and interviews regarding why and how the healthcare system and this world is in times like we have never seen...but don't worry. 
There is hope, answers, and things you can do to stay healthy. 
Although this may seem far from "holistic health," what is happening is impacting most everyone emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.  
As people get censored daily, you are kept from the truth.  
Learning the TRUTH will set you free.
My passion is to teach people how to get their body and mind to their best optimal health....learn about daily rejuvenation. 
I add to this page often to keep you informed! 
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"This integrated approach to health is God’s plan for you,
and is a work of the Spirit who revives, restores, and maintains
       health to your mind and body"                  (Isaiah 57:15, Ezekiel 36:27).

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