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  • What you need to rejuvenate your BODY
  •  Never fear "diseases" and aging
  • Stop limiting God in your life
  • Create unshakable FAITH 

Amazing Opportunity


"Faith and Whole Health is Your Wealth"


Daily renewing of your mind is necessary in today's world.  Managing emotions and releasing the wounds of the past are keys to improving emotional health. Mental wellness comes from intentional direction and trusting the Lord and divine wisdom not the ego.


Daily faith building activities will transform your life.  Your relationship with the Holy Spirit will help you to positively find your Purpose, raise your potential, and give you the fulfillment that most search for in worldly things. Our faith impacts our health in miraculous ways.


Detox and rejuvenation cycle is the way to effectively achieve and maintain the body's health.   This is the body's natural cycle of removing waste, strengthening, and repairing.  When this cycle is impeded, degeneration, rapid aging, weakness and illness set in.  

Dr. Kimberly LeHew

Rejuvenation Cycle

I help people live in accordance with the natural laws of whole health.

My work revolves around the detoxification-rejuvenation cycle.  This cycle naturally occurs in the physical body to rid the itself of waste and then it can effectively repair, maintain, strengthen and regenerate. We supply the body with what it needs, we allow the body to effectively and efficiently become a self-healing organism where health, vitality and minimal degeneration occurs.

This cycle occurs in the spirit as we lose the dominance of being influenced by the ego and the world.  We rejuvenate by being guided by God, our heart and spirit.   

This cycle occurs in the mind or soul by releasing the wounds of the past, destructive thinking, beliefs and behaviors.   We rejuvenate by using the mind to be constructive, live by healthy habits, serve others and shine our light.   


Body * Spirit * Mind

Each aspect of health, the body, spirit, and mind, influences the other. To neglect one is to invite illness and suffering.

  Understanding we are much more than flesh.  We are dynamic energy interacting with all life, the field, and our own chemistry produced by our emotional state.

We are spiritual beings being nudged to pay attention to our purpose and live in accordance to who we truly are.

When we intentionally nurture all aspects of health, we can be free of illness, pain, and suffering. 

The path people choose and the attention they give each of these areas is in direct relationship to how healthy they are. 

A whole health lifestyle is truly the pathway to those wanting to feel more joy and love, to have energy and vitality, to age slowly and have a high quality of life, but most importantly, they are fulfilled and live from love.       

Holistic Transformational Health


My goal is to help you achieve optimum health and wellness.  Through personal experience and decades of study and my professional practice, I have witnessed hundreds of health transformations and lives improved. 

 My expertise is helping people transform from the inside...looking at one's emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health. 


I am excited to bring a NEW proven approach to personal Transformation that is meaningful and creates enthusiasm for healing and creating the life you desire.


12-Week Rejuvenation & Beyond Program: 

  •   build faith by scripture & prayer
  • Live Plant-based diet
  • Lymphatic System Integrity
  • natural laws
  • develop an awakened mind
  • emotional wellness
  • Alkaline Personalized lifestyle



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"This integrated approach to health is God’s plan for you,
and is a work of the Spirit who revives, restores, and maintains
       health to your mind and body"                  (Isaiah 57:15, Ezekiel 36:27).

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