Learn the 3   elements to improve your health and reverse the aging process.

Ignite the

Fountain of Youth Within You!

You CAN reverse aging

and it's never too late.


"The question isn't how to be cured, but how to live." 

Joseph Courad







Fountain of Youth Workshop

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My Mission

The physical body is miraculous, and we don't even know the extent of its greatness.  We do know it is constantly being broken down and repairing.

Its ability to repair is determined by you.

You can heal, and your body can rejuvenate.  My expertise is to help YOU clear the toxicity: emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically so you can do what you are here to do.


Your choices, memory, thoughts, beliefs, how you care for yourself and your energy centers- is deciding what symptom or condition will manifest in the physical body.


This must be addressed… because all the green drinks, yoga, and visualizations will not overcome buried emotional wounds, redundant negative mental, destructive habits, and lack of awareness.


Spirituality is the source of everything you need.  Yes, love,  joy, strength, peace - it’s the source for all things because it is an energy that is unlimited, everywhere, and in ALL things.  It is an aspect of your TRUE self.

It is what has changed my life in profound ways ...and this is not religion. Spirituality is the foundation of health because it touches every aspect of your life.  Spiritual growth is a personal path of self-discovery, remembering who you truly are and why you are here.

It is your eternal self, and the beautiful part is, you decide your path of devotion.

Spirituality and health are one, it is only modern times that have separated the two.  Developing your connection to yourself and your higher power will begin to create a sense of peace and knowing within you because it is your consciousness, your inner being.


In ancient teachings, people lived out their healthiest highest version of themselves by understanding the innate intelligence within.


Innate intelligence, lifeforce energy, chi, prana, etc. are the terms used for the "electrical quantum energy" keeping you vibrant, healthy, and in harmony. 


This is affected by everything you do.  When you create this high life force, the body will eliminate toxicity, regenerate, and stay connected to the fountain of youth.

A healthy lifestyle results in “healthy” energy flow. This includes elements like nurturing your emotional health, connecting to your soul and higher power daily, eating high vibrational plant foods, enjoying exercise every day, and finding what fulfills you, and more.



New Approach To Whole Health

I am excited to bring a NEW approach to personal Transformation that is fun,  meaningful, and creates enthusiasm for healing and creating the reality you desire. A proven approach to a happier, healthier, and abundant life!

a unique combination of holistic health: 

  •   Spiritual AWareness
  • Live Plant-based diet
  • self-identity /energy transformation
  • Lymphatic System Integrity
  • universal laws
  • Vibration Awareness
  • Balance Energy Centers
  • emotional health
  • Alkaline Personalized lifestyle