Do you want to know how to lose weight - really- once and for all?

                                                   Do you want to know how to improve your health- so your next physical comes back "EXCEPTIONAL" ?

                                                                                        Do you want to learn the power of your mind because it IS controlling your life?

                         Great - YOUR in the RIGHT place!


 What I know for sure....


My experience in practice, learning from doctors and healers that understand the body, achieving exceptional health- being biologically 26 years old and chronologically 48 at this time gives me a little credibility.  I didn't start drinking green smoothies 5 years ago and lose 30 pounds and feel inspired to teach everyone how to lose weight. Not that there is a problem with that...my experience and understanding of true health came upon layers of self-exploration. I have immersed myself in health since I was 14 years old.  I was drawn to Hippocrates, Dr. Bernard Jensen, the work of healers that understood TRUE health. Conventional medicine seemed disconnected from what was really happening in the body and usually not addressing the problem.  I didn't always do the right thing, but none the less, my focus in life was being healthy, fit, lean, and not aging. (Finally at peace with that last one)


The bodies are only capable of doing what you expect them to do.  Widen your expectation, believe in the innate power within you- that it can and will heal.  Numerous doctors and scientific research have proved that thought influences matter.  Love this research as it is coming out from all parts of the world!  YES! (The body is not fully understood by modern medicine, but I feel they are starting to understand how you feel and what you think affects your body.)  Give the body the right nutrition, environment, lifestyle habits and most important- a high consistent frequency it has the capacity to heal- and alter matter in the universe.  I am not sure how to say all of this so it doesn't sound "new agey"- but if you have read this far...the seed is planted. 

I am a lifetime student- I don't know it all, but I know a lot and LOVE staying in the evolving field of nutrition, health and quantum physics.  I am always reading, contemplating, growing and researching.


It started at the age of 14, with an obsession with fitness and diet.  It was the making of a condition that has become a common condition with girls and woman…anorexia.  A condition that helped me grow into who I am today.    It turned out to be a blessing. 

 Back in the late 80’s, I read every book on food and diet I could find and recorded everything I ate.  I noted how it affected my body, my sleep and what my menstrual cycle.  I also became obsessed with exercise.  I did Jane Fonda's workout religiously and walked 4 miles a day- rain, snow, sick, or tired.  Not smart, but I had a drill sergeant living in my head so there was never a good excuse.  My body changed, I lost weight, from 123 to 95lbs.  Overnight I went from improving my health to crazed obsessed dieter and exercise fanatic.  Those teenage years created struggle and hopelessness of managing my inner voice.  It showed no mercy was relentless about food restrictions, workouts and it all was taking a toll on my family and relationships.  My parents finally had enough!  One morning as I was preparing to embrace my life as a new member of the Drill Team Squad in high school, they said, you are going to the hospital. I was placed in one of the first eating disorder units in the United States, Menorah Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri.  Miserable, stubborn and angry at the world, I pretended to do what was asked and not let them change me.  I succeeded.   

 By age 25, I found my way out of that inner hell, although not without setbacks. I replaced my inner critic and "flaw seeker" to a kinder more compassionate peacemaker.  I indulged in spiritual literature, groups and self-discovery workshops.  From this point, I continued on a study of progressive thought and meditation.  I studied at Santa Monica School of Spiritual Psychology, and my mind began cooperating toward a better life.  My life became balanced and easier to navigate.  

 My health and love for natural healing led me right to chiropractic school in1999 where I simultaneously became licensed in acupuncture and began further studies with leaders in the field of nutrition and herbs.  I opened my own practice in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 2003.

 Fast forward 10+ years...  After much contemplating, I decided to close my chiropractic and acupuncture practice in 2012 after having an epiphany while working on a fibromyalgia patient. I was committed to quantum physics, I understood that cells are energy, holding on to past unexpressed emotions and I knew she was not allowing herself to feel and see a different way of life.  It was an unconscious decision, but one that kept her in pain and suffering.  I didn't feel under my practice I could explore her emotions, her beliefs about herself, and explain with authority how to use her mind to feel better and get well.  I accepted unseen energy from my acupuncture studies, but how to express energy bodies and subconscious thought was out of my comfort zone at the time. 

I had to introduce the mind to patients! I had to go to the source of suffering and disease, and with this conviction, I closed my practice. I kept my nutrition patients and took 3 years to go deeper within myself…embrace a meditation practice; learn more about the mind and study from leaders in mind science. Quantum physics provided me with answers and developed my personal power. My love for life and myself has given more inner happiness and peace than I knew I could have.  AND now I am ready to come out...

You do not need to follow my path, but with my gained wisdom, I can help you lose weight, sleep better, have radiant skin, become happier, improve your mood, balance hormones, and master what is controlling your life- your subconscious mind.  I want you to understand energy, that we all have a power within us to deeply affect what happens in our personal world.  It's exciting and most importantly, is an intricate part of achieving desired health, longevity, the weight you desire, self-worth, love, and self-respect.


I believe... Your MIND is responsible for truly AMAZING HEALTH & You Must Have the 4 Parts below to sustain Amazing Health:

*  EMOTIONAL Well-Being:  Low Self-worth is the biggest reason for low self-esteem, lack of confidence and the inability to believe in yourself to make your dreams come true.  Increase your love, respect, and self-perception for yourself and you not only improve your life but those around you.  Learn how to embrace feelings from power, move thru past pain and suffering and be happy.

* PHYSICAL Body:  The mind determines the quality of your physical body.  Your thoughts determine your chemical make-up and how fast you age; how fast your body repairs and how well your systems function as a whole. The mind creates a thought that guides you to choose your lifestyle habits, food choices, and if and when you will exercise.  The mind is the precursor to all that you physically do.

* MENTAL Health:  Your mental edge gives rise to your perspective about you and life.   How will you override what you hear, see, sense and believe?  Mentally training and deciding your outcome determines your outcome.  Taking responsibility and choosing with conviction takes you toward success and even more.  

 * SPIRITUAL Well-Being:  Connect to the power of the creator that is within you.  It is real and known by many names.  (The name does not matter, the acknowledgment and awareness of it and your ability to connect to it, does.)  Listening to your inner voice as it whispers and sometimes screams to guide you to your highest path, will always lead you to your highest potential.  Learning to be with that voice, making time to build your relationship with the deeper you, only strengthens your path, relationships, and understanding of your purpose and journey.


Make it a GREAT GREAT day because YOU CAN! 


Dr. Kimberly