The Soul Success Project continued...


There are many reasons "your life" isn’t unfolding the way you want…. BUT truly there is one reason. That reason is you.  With all respect, this is the best gift.

If you are the cause, YOU CAN BE the solution, the key, the power that creates change.

I created a golden ticket program to ignite this change and walk you through a process to know and develop all aspects of YOURSELF. 

A program where you will be supported, nurtured, and inspired.  This is not a check this off and all changes.  This program is experiential.  If you don't do the inner work, change is temporary and suffering is inevitable.

Why go on this journey?

To empower yourself.  to know your capacity for success is within you. To discover it.  To become amazingly healthy and know how your energy is the CAUSE.  To know how to influence your energy for self healing, for overcoming obstacles, for learning and growing into your soul's purpose.

I know how rewarding this program can be because of my results:

From overcoming a 12 year eating disorder in my teens and early twenties that was destructive to myself and my family to becoming a mentor to women struggling with body image.  What catapulted me into a solid recovery and ignited a drive for personal development was my spiritual studies.  I felt better, I felt stronger and I started to go within to figure out beliefs and patterns.  (years of self discovery and many mentors.)

My love for health, fitness and diet lead me to opening a successful holistic healthcare practice helping hundreds of patients through chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, energy, and living consciously. I didn't always teach about "energy of the body, emotional and mental health" but after studying and seeing how it is the foundation that determines your reality and physical health, I knew I had to understand, dive deeper and share with people desiring to achieve their best HEALTH.

The challenges I have faced have given me the experience to build faith and trust in myself, my body, and the Divine. My mentors and teachers have given me the tools I want to share with you.

You are complex. It is this very reason- I engage the WHOLE self for lasting transformation. You are not parts.  There are different aspects of you which are entangled and influence each other instantaneously.

I have spent the last 30 years developing and growing because of my internal drive to become my best SELF and reach my highest potential. I live what I teach and that has brought profound growth in myself and others.

We are always evolving and your rate of evolution is determined by you.

The TRUE YOU is unlimited.  You are full of gifts and unlimited potential. Our higher self will not be stopped by fear, doubt, or thoughts of "not good enough, not deserving, not ready."  However, within the personality, the ego self begins to dominate and overrides the mind. Your history and past data that is stored in the subconscious is the filter that you live from.

It overrides in the aspect of beliefs and ideas you picked up and accepted.  Your are living by these limitations.  You are not meant to feel unworthy, stuck in fear, separate, or suffer from dis-ease.

This program gives you the tools to breaks yourself out of this "toxic"  and "comfortable thinking."  It empowers you to break free from symptom relief or relying on something outside of you to fix you. 

You are a powerful creator that can learn how to heal, how to transform by staying conscious and intentional...

By knowing yourself and the laws of the Universe.

This program is one of the few that has the depth of addressing the whole self - mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.  Most specialize in one or two areas or have watered down versions of what leaders in the field of transformation are doing. Some also have the knowledge, but lack the skill set to raise their students up and let them witness their own power and greatness! I have experienced plenty of those- they have good intentions but lack the years of experience.

What has given me the confidence to say this is one of the best programs out there is because of the results of applying my 30 years of education, personal and professional experience, mentoring and successfully coaching people from clarity and love. 

I have a solid support system for you to be taken care of so you keep moving forward. You can stay motivated if you choose.  I am here to mirror to you who you truly are and assist you when you feel stuck or on the hamster wheel.

I have resources that are uncommon ideas in emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. (They are not funded by organizations that are solely invested in profits, power and crafty marketing.)

Happiness, health, and success come from an authentic knowing yourself and creating what is in your heart. I want you to know and feel the truth, and that is- YOU have everything you need inside of you now. You have to unlock it, remember it, live from it.

This program helps you align with your potential, see it, and feel it. I am not perfect and I continue to learn and grow.  It is an ongoing evolution. WE can not take any toys, houses, money, cars, belongings with us when we leave this planet.  What we leave with is what we have learned as a soul...our soul's evolution, healings and wisdom.

We start from where you are and  build on your truth so you can fulfill your purpose.

The inner peace, knowing, intention and clarity brings you happiness, vibrant health and sustainable success.

It’s up to you how deep you want to go.  We go through bite size lessons, exercises, discussions and live mentoring. 

Each area of focus becomes a catalyst for your growth. Leaving one aspect undeveloped or neglected- is sure to accompany struggle and suffering at some point.

When we develop these 4 aspects, we can more easily align.  Below gives you an example of how they effect you and what alignment means.

Our emotional empowerment is how we see ourselves.  Do we have faith in ourselves?  How do we respond to life. This has a big impact on our degree of love, how much peace we experience, and how much joy fills our life. We get to decide, but many react to life and wait for something to make them feel loved or joyful. Our emotional intelligence is running in the background dictating how we respond to life.  That is why healing emotionally is essential. When we heal and develop the “emotional self” we feel unconditional love, we have self acceptance and self respect. This changed my life from looking outside of myself for happiness. Your emotional intelligence is in constant communication with the Universe- the law of cause and effect is real and emotions and thoughts are an important part of this process.

Our mental intelligence means you feel capable of being able to do what you want to do. You believe in yourself. Doing and being who you need to be to fulfill your purpose or what is in your heart. Things like perseverance, leadership, self confidence, and courage to go for it- and take risk and handle self doubt.  I had to deal with self doubt when I opened my practice.  My colleagues said you should be an associate- you should learn the business for a few years.   I had great mentors that encouraged me and shared their confidence in my ability. I knew how I wanted to practice, and I was able to re-define the doubt into belief in myself and trust that I could figure it out. I took the leap and my practice took off and was full in 2 years.

The spiritual self, my passion!  It will give you more happiness, health and success than you could imagine. It probably is the most neglected because is the unseen eternal you…THE REAL YOU.  Your highest self holds wisdom and direction for you, it is your GPS. It knows your answers and when we have that deep relationship with our self, we can float through challenges, feel strong in obstacles, live with grace and shine our light without worrying about what others think.

*This awareness is our consciousness. You live from knowing who you are and what you are and why you are here.

There’s also the ultimate relationship with the creator, and knowing the power is within you.  It is one of the best things I have ever felt.  Name this energy whatever you want, it doesn’t matter.  It is not religion or dogma to follow, it is an infinite intelligent energy of pure love inside of you. Some reserve this spiritual aspect for Sunday’s, or when tragedy or illness happens, but I strongly encourage a relationship with your spiritual self and the Divine to grow and deepen daily.

It is our constant provider of what we really need ...with this relationship you can feel a deep profound love, support, guidance, strength, peace, and’s ALL there.

You don’t need me. I am just a reflection of you and a catalyst for growth.

I am here to guide you when you need help and offer ways to deepen your life experience, but you need no one. It is a matter of self love and going inward and witnessing your divinity.

The body is the physical vessel for your soul to experience life in.  My quest to be physically healthy and fit started at 14 with Jane Fonda and helping my mom prepare weight watcher meals.  This lead to learning from from holistic healers and visionaries in the body's innate intelligence.  But... the body is a denser energy.  It is an exact reflection of your quantum psychology (mental, emotional, spiritual) and therefore,  the LAST to know.  A symptom or dis-ease that appears has been in your energy field long before it shows up to you.

That is why the inner work is your best health care plan and the most fulfilling..a wonderful preventive healthcare plan.

The healthier you are, the better the journey. I share how I get results based on the natural laws of chemistry, quantum psychology, science facts, physiology, working with hundreds of patients and my personal 30 plus years experience. When we do not feel good, we are not going to strive toward our goals with enthusiasm.  It is hard to enjoy life and have fun when we feel tired, in pain, and wondering what our future holds.  We are here to express our gifts....our health IS our wealth.

I live and breathe everything I teach to my best and it’s easy because I love my healthy lifestyle and the topics I teach! I have been asked countless times to teach or open a physical practice to teach this philosophy of whole health.   I created this program so people all over the wold could have a Whole Health program to begin the journey of fulfillment, health and success.

This is a wonderful time to evolve.  I know you will find this one of the most rewarding programs you have done if you do the work. It’s only as powerful as you are willing to go inward.  The exercises are instrumental and the support is imperative.  We are committed to your journey and you will experience results with your effort - as with any personal development program.

I will be going through the program with you step-by-step. I am so excited to be mentoring you and I am committed to your evolution.  I look forward to hearing your wins, helping you through your challenges and any uncertainty. 

Know your future is up to you and if you want a program to create change, healing and success- the Soul Success Project is for you!

I will be announcing the program start date soon on my website, Facebook and Instagram.

I can’t wait to meet you —hope to see you inside.