Everything is probably have heard that before, but the impact it has on your life is beyond powerful.

If you think about it, you can imagine if everything is moving, vibration, and, this table, lamp up for change. 

Who is deciding what changes occur?

In your You are the observer, you are directing energy, you are creating.

The field of quantum energy, unseen subtle energy and our own energy field is a part of creating your reality and your whole health.

We can learn a lot about our selves through these subtle energy systems.  I want to empower you to be a self healer. We know self-healing occurs through the power of the mind and imagination and most importantly the infinite intelligence within you.

You are creating either by default unconsciously or by deliberate choice. I want you to be an empowered creator by choice which means you are aware and awake.

This goes far beyond the law of attraction which is a true law, but it’s not just think, repeat affirmations, feel it, and you will have.

There is much more at play, and that is your personal energy field, your past data, and your energy centers.  They all govern your behavior, mood, physical health, and consciousness.

When I started to see the implications of personal energy, I knew how crucial it was to whole health. The reason I retired from chiropractic and moved toward quantum psychology and energy fields of the person is because it was the precursor to your physical body and reality. 

The mind body spirit connection is in constant communication and is foundational to your healthy, happy, successful life.

Just to give you an example of how this plays out...I saw patients who doubted their recovery before they even got started.  They thought genetics, other people’s opinions, or old stories were more relevant than their belief about getting well.  Your beliefs hold frequency and this effects your recovery.  Have you heard of the placebo effect?

Patients would also speak to themselves negatively,  "Stupid ankle” as they were limping in.  I would say,  "hey, don’t speak to yourself that way," it has repercussions. The body is always listening to you!  Your wish with charge is your command.  Words are powerful energy and therefore, powerful creators.

I want to teach you how to deliberately and positively influence your energy. Energy is the umbrella over all 4 aspects of self:

1. Emotions

2. Mental

3. Physical

4. Spiritual


Spontaneous healings occur like miracles, but they are actually quite predictable. We can influence our physiology, we have a pharmacy within waiting to distribute potent body chemicals based on our belief and our deliberate direction.

“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.” – Buddha.

Energy is the life force within your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health.  It greatly influences achieving your goals and desires and sustaining success.

Energy health will be the NEW way to health.  Once you begin becoming more conscious, choosing thoughts, balancing your energy chakras, you will see improvement in every area of your life.

How can I say this with certainty?


“Each chakra has its own unique power, which we can feel by paying attention with our subtle sensory faculties: awareness, listening, and feeling. The more we tune in to these powers, the more we can use them in our life, the more we experience their healing powers, the more they serve use, and the more we contribute to world peace.” Guru Rattana, PhD.

Energy health will be the NEW way to health if higher organizations allow the TRUTH to be revealed and common.

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