I think of spirituality as awareness of my TRUE eternal self and Source, God, within. The name is irrelevant, the energy of it is the same.

Everyone by free will can choose their path- for all paths lead to the Divine.

 To know thyself is to know who your truly are, the eternal you, the highest frequency of love and light.

The way to know thyself is spending time alone and going within. No one can develop this relationship or move you along the souls journey but you. This is your time to believe in you and not something outside of yourself.

"You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul."  -Swami Vivekananda

This is a time to create more easily and reach your potential, to grow and expand without so much struggle and suffering.

We have entered the Aquarian Age, a time of power from within, awareness of consciousness and oneness. The more you adapt to the shift that is occurring, the easier for you to change and know your reality resides in your choices and your level of consciousness.


Deepening With Spirit: 4 practices to help you.

1. Have a daily spiritual practice. Your daily practice will keep you connected to your spirit and the Divine.  It will set as a reminder and daily vibrational uplift so you do not lose sight of your spirit in daily life. This practice can include meditation, nature, journaling, study, yoga, etc.

2. Stay Awake.  Be conscious of your thoughts.  There are situations that can trigger anger, fear, jealousy, lack, hopelessness, etc. Understanding your thoughts create emotions and emotions set off your inner environment.  Be a guardian to your thoughts and watch for lower energy emotions, negative patterns that keep re-occurring, and destructive habits.  They will reveal your inner wounds so you can release and heal them.  If you stay aware that the lower emotions are symptoms of the Aquarian shift, you can proactively deal with them.

3. Be a Victor- not a victim  You are responsible for your life and how you respond.  You always have a choice.  Look for the lesson, the blessing, and how you can grow from the experience.  Keep moving forward!   The Aquarian Age is all about empowering yourself, being aware of your energy and raising your consciousness.

4. Be Love and Light.  This is who  you truly are.  We forget we are love and light because our ego takes over and we buy into the illusion. We can lose our way in relationships, media, politics, financial strains, etc. 

Your daily practice will be a steady reminder that you are an eternal being here to experience the emotions and evolution of your soul.  The true self is eternal, unlimited and the highest frequency of love.


If you are feeling the call to know yourself and develop your relationship deeper with the Divine, do not ignore this.  It is your soul calling you to listen and live by higher ways.

To know thyself is to experience the deepest feeling of who we truly are. We can spend time in contemplation, study, meditation and reflection; there is no right or wrong way. We are on this journey confronting our “undeveloped” side, our karma, our life and soul lessons.

 The human journey gives us the opportunity to reach our highest potential, to use our gifts and talents, fulfill our hearts which is our purpose, and serve all living things and this earth.

"Divine destiny is not something that just happens to you, but it is something that you co-create as a living, spiritual being with free will and Divine love in your heart." -Alana Fairchild

Walk and live your truth honoring who you truly are.  Develop trust and faith in yourself and the Divine.  Remember your life is unfolding in perfect timing and

 We can choose to experience freedom, peace and enlightenment on our journey; challenges are beautiful opportunities on your evolution.

 You are a blessing.

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