SPIRITUALITY continued...


This is quantum physics.  Everything is energy. 

You are energy entangled with all of life.  Your energy is based on your emotional state, your collective memory, your repetitive thoughts, beliefs, perceptions...all making up the environment that your cells and systems operate in -and operate from.

The more you are awake and aware, the easier everything becomes.
It is being aware of your soul and living from your true “I AM” that you will have more control of your life, greater compassion, more clarity, power, and confidence.

 When you are awake, you consciously make choices and are able to "positively live" using spiritual principles. You can change your life around faster and with more certainty.

Living from your higher self allows you to bypass the agony of trying to control the external world and remain a powerful co-creator by operating from your true essence, love.

This inner journey demands a desire to become more conscious and actively participate in your evolution. It can get uncomfortable and challenging at times and the ego will create illusions. We can get caught in the traps of the ego such as comparison, competition, defensiveness, smallness, lack, victimhood, etc. We cause unnecessary suffering when we live from the ego by seeing ourselves as powerless and separate.  It is the separation and turning your back on yourself and love that you experience suffering from the mind. The ego is on the constant search for material things or people to validate our worthiness and fill our cup of love.

However, with our spiritual devotion, we can change the focus from the outside to the inside.  WE can connect to our true essence, and we can heal, become empowered, and thrive.

This is the discipline and the remembering, and developing faith in your true self and accepting 100% responsibility.

Remembering you ARE love. 

You are perfect. You are powerful.

Everything is within you.  You are here to remember you are the powerful energy of love.

We have within us, our eternal self and the highest frequency of the creator- the infinite intelligence which is in everything and everyone.

When we live from our true essence, it can help us transcend all that keeps us stuck, in pain, and challenged in our lives.
To BE our highest self we will experience more freedom, peace, love, and more joy in our lives…greater health, and less suffering as we evolve.

Living from our highest self, practicing spiritual principles, and developing our own spiritual devotion, is the foundation of health.