The TRUE self is your eternal, unlimited, all knowing you.  When you begin living from this higher consciousness, anything is possible for you.


Emotional Intelligence is knowing yourself & letting go of blocks & limitations.  Heal yourself and consciously create your desires.


Your Mental clarity and belief in yourself  is needed to persevere through challenges.  You will develop what you need to stay in momentum.


The healthier the body, the more delightful the journey.  You will learn self-healing and the Ten High Vibe Lifestyle Habits for vibrant health.

6 Modules

Embrace 6 weeks of soul discovery and aligning your energetic blue print with your purpose and potential. You can release the blocks that could be keeping you from your destiny.  You have a purpose in your soul that by improving your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual elements of your TRUE SELF, you enjoy the journey to fulfillment. The eternal all-knowing you has all of your answers within you now.   Develop the tools to self-mastery and self healing while enjoying knowing thyself.  Unlock your potential to live the life that was paced in your heart.

WARNING: This course can result in a healthier, happier and more fulfilled YOU if you whole-heartily participate :-)

Higher Self Evolving

What You Will Learn:

  1. Identify where you are at in your life and destination.
  2. How to command your brain successfully.
  3. How to strengthen your relationship with yourself and the Divine
  4. What you must believe to be the director of your life.
  5. Key element of disease prevention.

Deep Cleansing

What You Will Learn:

  1. Strengthen  personal powers within you.
  2. Identify your core beliefs about yourself
  3. Define self and world view
  4. Creating within the matrix.
  5. The Top 3 Dis-ease Prevention Methods.

Emotional Empowerment

What You Will Learn:

  1. Identify the patterns in your energetic field.
  2. Best healing practice for emotional resolution.
  3. Learn a healing formula from world renown psychiatrist using spiritual principle.
  4. Building the self-healing doctor within to be successful.
  5. The Top 5 foods to eliminate from your diet for Pure Whole Health.


What You Will Learn:

  1. Three components to thrive in the Aquarian Age.
  2. Living abundantly with 2 important Universal Laws
  3. Three steps of Acceleration
  4. The making of The New You
  5. The High Vibe Diet for a quality life of health & abundance.

Energetic Upgrade

What You Will Learn:

  1. Understanding your energetic  blueprint.
  2. How to balance energetic centers.
  3. Identifying blocks so you can self-heal.
  4. Emotional and mental behaviors of the energy centers.
  5. Foods to accelerate the healing in each energy center.


High Vibe Lifestyle

What You Will Learn:

  1. Learn the 10 High Vibe Lifestyle Habits
  2. Feel confident in your self-healing capabilities
  3. Develop your personal Morning Power Routine to thrive.
  4. Know the elements of exquisite self-care.
  5. Align with your purpose and lifestyle...putting it ALL together!
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Who this IS for

1. Excited to dedicate time to go through the process.  It's experiential.

2.  Desires to expand and develop emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

3.  Open to subtle energy, the quantum field, collective conscious

4.  Believes in a Higher Power of any given name. (Universe, your higher self, God, Infinite, Divine, Jehovah, etc.)

Who this is NOT for

1.  Is comfortable with life as is and does not desire transformation.

2.  Not open to new proven tools to bring you more happiness and success.

3.  Is not ready to assume responsibly.

4. Desires a quick fix and wants the magic pill...sorry I have not found this:(

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