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1st Training:    January 6th @  10:00 am  EST

2nd Training:    January 11th  @ 10:00 am EST

3rd Training:    January 13th  @ 10:00 am EST


In Our 3 Days Together, You'll Learn...

The Secret of Degeneration and How You Can Avoid It

When you discover the truth about disease and degeneration, aging is not scary... you make better choices and your health drastically improves.

One of the BIGGEST Misconceptions About Health

One of the biggest mishaps in health is neglecting a specific area of your what you can do so you will not make the same mistake and suffer.

Your Health Is In Your Hands, and What You Can Do Now

Becoming ageless is not a far-off dream or wish.  We are meant to live a life of health and joy for a much longer time. Understand what is stealing your health and happiness.  

I want to be a good steward and so I could not keep to myself what I know...

if you are struggling with aging gracefully, how to look and feel your best, how to create a fool-proof healthcare plan to bring you health, happiness, and peace, and are right where you need to be!


I specialize in creating Whole Health Rejuvenation.

Not from superficial ideas and obvious health habits, but from natural and universal laws.  I have over 35 years of personal and professional experience in the holistic health field. I have worked with emotional wellness and struggles, mental limitations, chakra imbalances, detoxification, acupuncture, hormone balancing, autoimmune conditions, and advanced degenerative conditions.


The body has the potential to heal beyond what we have been programmed to believe.  I've witnessed it in my practice, my life, and many of my mentor's patients. 

Health is not merely the absence of symptoms, it is a dynamic flow of life force energy that continuously rejuvenates the body providing toxicity and energy disturbances are removed.

People have been led far from health care- they have been on the "sick care" model and neglecting parts of health that must be included.

"Health advice" has been vastly distorted and information has been suppressed. After years of seeing misconceptions and false teachings- the truth about your potential for health is reawakened and is happening- and people are healing and thriving!


 I look forward to sharing a proven path to rejuvenation. It is based on the power within, your faith and beliefs, science, chemistry, quantum physics, and results.

 One of the biggest mistakes many health seekers make is to neglect the essentials of rejuvenation. I will let you in on what you can do that will make a BIG difference in every area of your life.


I believe your spiritual well-being is crucial.  Not religion. 

It is about becoming deeply connected to who you truly are and being guided by the highest values expressed in the Bible.

You can be supported, guided, protected, healed, and loved - NOW and forever. 

You and God can personalize your life with the highest values which will transform the most stubborn blocks, struggles, and conditions. 

Now more than ever, your faith and trust in your creator is a catalyst for health, peace, love, and confidence in your future.


You are more powerful than you know!