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Caring for the physical body goes beyond the physical, but for those wanting a definite answer to how to have the healthiest body possible...

Detoxify what is holding your body in a lower health state and rejuvenate with the proper elements.

We know this involves foods that are energized and live. This energy gets passed on to you.  Live raw foods are premium foods that help to keep your systems functioning at their best.
We can also use botanicals to increase the healing process and restore balance.

There are also 10 lifestyle habits that promote “alkalinity” that will support the health of every cell and its ability to heal, repair, and regenerate.

An alkaline lifestyle involves raising the health of the cells, the cell's environment, restoring balance to all systems, and living in accordance with health principles.

Detoxification is what the body will naturally do.  Rejuvenation is what happens when you live right.

I have spent the last 38 years studying and successfully practicing the best ways to be healthy.  We are not doomed to genetics and habits...we have the power to change our health around and live a vibrant life.

I have spent most of my time on this subject and it's too vast to share on this page.  However, with my professional and personal experience, there is nothing that can not be dealt with.  Many healers, doctors, and patients share this belief. This area of health is the simplest to correct because we know how to do it. 


I love to see people light up when they start seeing the results of practicing a truly whole healthy lifestyle. They sleep better, have more energy, eliminate digestive problems, hormone imbalances, they are happier, the nagging “aging” symptoms reduce if not go away completely. 

They resolve what holds them back, they heal the emotions causing a disturbance in their field, they LIVE from a higher perspective and live fulfilled because they are aligned.

You can rejuvenate at any age when you live in alignment with natural laws, spirituality as a foundation, and on the side of chemistry that restores your youth.


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