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Dr. Kimberly LeHew

I am here to help people recognize and become more connected to their inner power.  Knowing the True Self and this Power can help you to have the life- the health and body you desire.  Why?  I see women struggle to find balance and be happy.  Also because I have been thru the struggle and found a answer that gave me way more than I expected.  It changed my health permanently, gave me freedom in my thinking and lifestyle while allowing my weight to never be a problem and my self worth to escalate. 

I specialize in health, as a doctor of chiropractic, licensed in acupuncture and a student of diet, nutrition, fitness, and mind science.  I mentor people ready to do a little more than be given a diet...I help them create their perfect lifestyle. 

There is nothing more fulfilling than to witness a person become more AWARE and feel and know their POWER.   To understand they are creating their health and body, and they can improve it when they are willing to work from the inside out....your inner self has everything to do with who you are and what your life looks like.

My intention is to love more, serve more, and be the change I would love to see on this planet. I hope I get to work with you one day and if not I wish you the best life of health and happiness you can have!

Evolution...a program designed for the "progressive" woman!

Liberate Your Power and Design Your Lifestyle From the Inside Out

Step by Step Proven Plan

We start by building a strong foundation- an inner you that lives and makes choices from your TRUE self - the powerful you.  Creating inner strength and harmony results in a sustainable lifestyle that works for YOU!  Only you can decide what makes you happy and allows you to thrive.  My specific plan, in a specific order, is exactly how I created a healthy body, sustainable weight, and a lifestyle that is balanced and joyful.  Each module is designed to build upon the next.  It was designed by me- I love it and it works!  I am your personal guide to take you along the same journey, but we will tweak it just for YOU -your body, mind and desires.

Personal Mentor & Trained Doctor

For this limited time beta group, I will be your personal mentor.  I will be there to support you and personally consult with you weekly.  You will have access to ask me questions regarding your journey, maybe a challenge or block in your journey.  You will have the opportunity to work one on one through our weekly group call.  I am there to hold your hand.  You also have unlimited priority email access M-F.  You will  have access to my 35+ years experience in not only diet, exercise and health, but experience with specific conditions such as hormone imbalances, thyroid and endocrine disorders, digestive conditions, cancer, auto-immune conditions and emotional challenges that can get in the way of your success.  


Emotional Energy

In Module One, you will begin the process of weeding out the emotional energy that is keeping you stuck. Energy is transformed, never created or destroyed. Beliefs that are not serving you are identified and replaced. Your new beliefs are strengthened by a series of exercise. We begin to alter your perception of yourself that feels powerful, confident, and joyful. In this module we create a self image that is more positive and connects to your improving self-worth. This is your inner world that needs to be strengthened and not so easily reactive to external things that can throw you off course. We look at your environment and create a nurturing space for you to grow, and maintain your vibrant new healthy energy. The more convicted you are in who your are - The TRUE self, the easier it is to have a life of happiness and self fulfillment.


Mental Energy

In Module 2, you will learn about the science of how the brain functions. We look at how the quantum field is effected by you and how to co-create with it to get  what you desire.   You become acquainted with the power that resides in you already- and this gives you control of your life and health. You will have exercises to deepen your awareness and become more attune with controlling your thoughts and your energy. You will learn how powerful the imagination and visualization is for manifesting your life, your state of health, and much more. You will create the vision of the qualities and characteristics of the new you. You will learn how to create with intention and harness the energy within you to manifest your health & body. This process can be used for any area of your life. Once these first two modules are completed and you are feeling more aware, connected to your TRUE self, we move on to the physical aspects of health because you now have the energy and mind awareness to sustain your decisions and new outcomes. The inner struggle to control your food and lifestyle habits will lessen because of this inner foundation.


High Vibe Nutrition

In this Module, we talk about FOOD. I will never tell you exactly what to eat, but I will guide and suggest foods and combinations that bring about the best health results. Only you know your body and what makes it thrive- and this can change. Creating awareness with your body's intuition and being aware of it's signals will serve you in your health journey like no other. I will talk about the effects of food and what foods increase your health the most. I must acquaint you with digestion, the key to health and weight . I also discuss foods for longevity and a healthy metabolism. I will introduce you to 2 fast track concepts for amazing health. I also explain how your beliefs and beliefs about food actually effect how your body processes the foods. I will introduce you to a process to alter chemistry, proven by science and wonderful for peace and clarity about trusting your body's guidance system. In this module you will begin to sort thru your likes, desires, what causes you to thrive and develop a very flexible diet that creates the body you desire.



In Module 4, we address Movement & Exercise.  There are so many options, benefits and ways to keep motivated and moving.  We know exercise improves the immune system, the balancing of endocrine hormones, improves circulation and lymph flow, respiration, digestion and brain activity...it can truly make your moods higher and lighter while giving you insurance for quality of life later.   I will teach you the Golden Rules of Exercise to support your lifestyle. What works for some may not be your cup of tea, it's okay because the options are endless. I will help you shape your mind to use exercise, not only a release of stress and a way to keep in shape, but a way to strengthen your personal power. I also will introduce you to the Super Power Perception of Exercise- a great tool for success you can use with any workout routine.


Your Perfect Lifestyle

In the 5 Module, we tie it all together.  This is where the magic happens..  YOU create your lifestyle that supports your body's wisdom and preferences. Yes - you will know how to do it, how to tweak it and make it your perfect lifestyle because you will have learned how. We additionally learn about eating out and being prepared for holidays and spontaneous occasions. You will learn how to handle the inner power struggle that can occur as your body chemistry changes - cravings, resentment, struggles with urges to eat sugar, fried foods, or things you may deem bad in your eyes. You will become more aware of your inner world and how it is effecting your lifestyle so you can make changes. I also introduce you to my HOUR OF POWER - that you can make your own! It will help to re-balance your lifestyle and energy body.  When you live by the accordance of your rules, your success rate goes up tremendously.  If not, change it! You are in complete control and I am here to help you...there is a way to have your cake and eat it too!

I Am Here As Your Mentor

 I am not your doctor, but a mentor that understands that health, weight, confidence, a balanced life and happiness begins from the inside. There is a vast amount of information and marketing out there that can be confusing- no one plan fits all. I want to give you a step by step plan to assist you in creating a lifestyle you love. I want to save you the struggle of figuring it out on your own. With 30+ years of experience, I can help you create a lifestyle by your terms-that is the only way that works and lasts!

Your Inner World

The subconscious mind holds your beliefs.  What we believe determines what we make true. Your beliefs are shaping your outer world.

Your perception of your SELF & your HEALTH is creating actions that support your current reality.  You have an internal compass and inner voice that is connected to the infinite intelligence guiding you.

Your energy matrix or energy field is made of subtle energies, unseen but now some are measurable.  The chakras, meridians, and smaller nadi system provide input to the central nervous system. 

  No longer mystical, it is proven science. Live from your True Self- the power that is within you!

Your Outer World

Your inner world shapes who you are and what vibe you exude to the outer world. 

Your physical body is a reflection of your actions: diet, exercise and lifestyle habits.  Most want to work on the outer first- they want a lovely  appearance. 

This must come after your solid foundation of the inner world. The Sequence is Imperative for sustainability.

What creates amazing whole health & a high energy body- thriving, energetic, vibrant, and sustainable is living from your true desires that make you fulfilled and happy...fun and laughter too!

"Dr. LeHew you helped me get over my addiction to sugar and learn about alkalinity. I felt like I could diet on my own, but I learned from you, how to eat that helped me feel satisfied, keep my weight off and happy with my lifestyle. I also learned that symptoms are just your body telling you something is not right- you helped me get my health in order. "


"Thank you Dr. Kimberly for your help in getting us back to eating healthy. We have learned a lot and know how to eat for energy, better sleep and much better digestion. We enjoyed the cleanse and will keep cleansing! "

Donna and Wes

"Dr. LeHew, you helped me figure out what to eat to feel good- you took the guess work out. I no longer have inflammation and the digestive issues I had for so long. I can't believe my diet was responsible for my fibroids- I know what diet can do for my health and my confidence in my body. I don't know what I would have done with out you over the years"


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