It is my honor and passion to help people learn how to master their energy. 

I believe that it is the key for creating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bliss- Whole Health.    We are energy.  Understanding the vibration we hold, determined by our thoughts, beliefs and emotions determines our WHOLE HEALTH.

We can have, be and do what it is we want with much success when we follow and heal our hearts and trust ourselves...we stay awake.

Follow your intuition and it will lead you right where your soul wants you to be.

I love getting people excited about their health.  I believe in the body's ability to heal and helping clients believe in their body is my intention. 

I love inspiring people to know and live from universal laws while knowing their version of  a healthier lifestyle.

Guiding someone through transformation is why I do what I do.  It's not just a diet, exercise and lifestyle, it's a way of being.

You are a creator of your reality. 

Live with joy and let your love and light shine through you, being mindful of your vibration connects you to the power within.

I have thirty five years of personal growth and experience in health and 15 plus years in private practice as a holistic doctor and studying quantum healing, mind science and energy. We have the power  to create what we can imagine.  We can transform our lives from the inside out.

I am grateful for all those that contribute to making this planet healthy and keeping us safe.  To those companies, educators and organizations that keep people updated on what is REALLY going on, and for YOU!  XX

My innate desire is to eat high vibe food wasn't always easy and natural to me.  

Twenty years ago, I was a sugar-holic, loved desserts and bread, would eat too much and then exercise for hours.  I know how it feels to battle in your head about food and body image. 

Once you figure out, it's not about the food, but how you feel about you.  The world of diet and eating "healthy" becomes so much easier!

  It is possible to not let food rule you, but empower you and your body.  It is liberating to know how to eat clean, eat the foods you love without guilt, shame or health consequences.

I still enjoy food, matter of fact I consider myself a "foodie," but it holds no power . I have mastered what to eat, how to eat for my body, and have pure satisfaction.

After 35 years of personal experience and over 15 years working with patients in private practice, I can teach you too!

There is a lot of information out there... diets. cleanses, and programs; it can be over-whelming.  However, if you are not following it your way, it won't last. 

I teach you to how to have sustainable weight loss...enjoy eating...and know how to choose the right foods for you.

I have worked with patients with many different health challenges, backgrounds and goals. I get results because of my years of experience and passion for diet and health.

I live what I teach! Diet is my specialty- and know there is no right and wrong way.  The only way that works is your way- and I am confident I can help you find your way if you feel called to.

I have come to be one of "those" people. 

I thought chiropractic was living out of mainstream, but guess what...there are auras, energy bodies, chakras, the matrix, and more! 

There is much more going on than what we experience with the 5 senses.

It is my mission to help others explore and master their energy.  We can heal ourselves, we can co-create our lives with the Universal energy, God, Source, whatever name you give this  all-knowing and infinite intelligent energy. 

This energy has everything to do with your health, mind, challenges, relationships, desires and goals- your life! It touches every aspect of you- the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

It is real and I can say it has made my life more meaningful and tremendously more fulfilling. 

Our energy and the awareness of IT- not only affects our lives, but the environment and the people around us. It is an empowering belief to live knowing you are the creator of your reality. 

I think chakras are a great place to start.  Chakras are energy vortexes within us that communicate and connect the outside world to our inner world. 

I am licensed in acupuncture, not seeing the energy never stifled my work. 

Results with energy work speak for themselves. Becoming acquainted with your energy begins with awareness. 

As for your aura, it is the collection of the energies within and around you. I am here to help you ultimately brighten your aura ;-)

I live in alignment with my values and beliefs as best I can.  There is always way to improve, but when you live in alignment, you feel empowered with clarity, strength and confidence.

As an empath, I feel the energy of those around me.  It has helped me to feel deeper into my own intuition and guidance, but also helps me when working with clients.  I have empathy for their journey and understanding of how to move through it with grace.

I believe we are all here to live our lives in accordance with our soul.  It guides us and nudges us everyday.  When we venture away from our inner voice, our 'stuff" surfaces creating situations over and over again until we learn and overcome.

I say this with love, "we are responsible for our lives." Everything going on is a reflection of our own energy.

Learning to love unconditionally, I believe, is a big part of why everyone is here. When you can love yourself and see others as a part of the energy matrix, not separate, we contribute to our life, our health and the collective consciousness in measurable ways. 

I am here to help others bring their WHOLE. HEALTH- mental, emotional, spiritual and physical, into alignment with their core essence.

Life is here to help us grow.  Your values will determine your standards for living- never settle- because the universe will support you once you commit to your dreams and life of amazing whole health.





I have been interested in nutrition, fitness and health since I was 14 years old. I never lack motivation to workout, eat clean and look to my mentors to be educated, enlightened and inspired.

 It wasn't always this way.  What healed me from a long struggle from an eating disorder (1982-1994) was my inner drive to know and love do the inner work- reading, contemplation, have spiritual mentors and practice.  Everything that happens is meant to move you into your higher self.

The only thing that soothed my struggle was reading spiritual material.  It was hopeful and expanded my mind to look at why I was here and how I could contribute. 

Having studied nutrition, fitness, and health from the fathers of natural healing, to spiritual psychology to the works of Ernest Holmes and The Power of the Mind....I knew my work was in the field of health, natural, positive, whole body...and later subtle energy. 

I found Chiropractic and went on to study acupuncture and whole food nutrition and herbs.  It felt like home and was easy for me to live a  "holistic" lifestyle and teach my patients because it was truly me.

In 1998, I started applying the principles I was learning about quantum physics, our vibration and how we have different energy bodies that are holding every cell at a level of health, based on it's vibration.  I was at odds with how to bring this into my practice.

I decided to take off a year to organize how I was going to mesh all of my healing arts into a healing program...the ride was so juicy (self-discovery) I took 5 years!   “Transformation is always an inside-out process.” Heidi Dupree

I have been working on my signature program, Evolution, and now ready to bring my program to progressive thinkers and people knowing that true health is not looking at just physical health. 




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You can find me daily, in my office, working with clients, creating, researching, meditating, listening to music, jumping (between projects) and practicing some form of uplifting practice or meditation. 

If you'd like to speak with me about joining my Special Beta Group Evolution Program... please click this button to be linked to my calendar.  Book a 15 minute call to learn more and see if it is your next step in your healing journey.

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*Doctor of Chiropractic, Cleveland Chiropractic, Kansas City, Mo (2002) * Licensed in Acupuncture (2003) * Detoxification Specialist (2010) * Soul Art Laura Hollick (2009) * Spiritual Psychology/Masters Program Santa Monica, CA (1996) *BA Communications,Biology St. Louis, MO (1993)


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