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Hello, I'm Dr. Kimberly LeHew and I'm glad you stopped by. I know sometimes people want more than a quick answer, a group course, or even a single private session.  They want a dedicated time to be mentored so they feel supported on their journey and personally taken care of...  they want results and are ready to do the work (play).  

You've come to the right page!

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Do you feel stuck? 

Maybe you have a health goal, need accountability, or you are wanting to eliminate a limiting belief?  You may want to set up a spiritual practice or have a goal to design a new self-image.

I specialize in helping you align with what you desire or are trying to accomplish.

I combine the 4 aspects of whole health into a solution.  Whole health includes the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of you.  To leave out an area or neglect one of these aspects greatly limits your potential and can negatively affect your well-being. 

We know this. 

The nature of whole health is that ALL of you is in alignment with your desire and ALL of you

can sustain the results.




I have been asked to private coach and mentor for some time and now is the time. 

My sessions focus on truth, whole health principles, and spiritual principles of quantum physics...that's why you will get results!


We cut out the small talk, the excuses, and the loop of thinking you have been participating in. 

My intention is to help you grow and know you are the director of your life.


If you are here...It is time for you to develop certainity in the energy you create from.  It is time to love yourself and know yourself deeply. 


This is the catalyst for lasting happiness, health and success.   


 Results Include but not limited to:


* weight loss and well-being
* overcoming a limiting belief
*creating "can do" mindset
* developing belief in yourself in an area
*improving your body image

*improving your mental edge in sport
*creating a new self-image
*gaining clarity about your purpose
*becoming an energetic match to the partner you desire.

You Are Capable

The difference between where you want to go and where you are has to do with what you believe and what you feel you are capable of.  I am about helping you change your beliefs about yourself, what you are capable of, and your truth of who and what you truly are.  My gift is to help you see it, feel it, act from it for a new result!

New Paradigm

You have to have new expectations.  Set new standards for yourself.  Think of yourself in a new way that aligns with your goal or desire.  Once you decide, the Universe will begin to orchestrate and co-create with you.  Your actions will put you into a new place...a new energetic paradigm. Allow yourself to experience it!

Laser-Focused Results

When you get laser-focused with certainty, you tap into endless possibilities!

You will begin to live and come from the place of knowing who & what you truly are.  The energy with which you think and do has consequences in the outcome.  You decide what you will allow into your life...then miraculous things happen!

1 or 2 Months


1mth $799 / 2 mth $1499

  • Three 40-minute mentoring sessions per month
  • Morning Visualization for Inner Whole Health
  • Self-discovery exercises for transformation
  • Priority Email Support Mon-Fri 9:00-4:00 EST/USA
  • Upon request:   "Lightworker Reading"
Schedule 15 Minute "Let's See" Session

Expand What Is Possible For You

My 30 years of experience has given me the ability to identify quickly what is causing resistance to the outcome desired.  I design a roadmap for the successful fulfillment of the goal. A whole health plan is designed to be complete and to sustain results and more than likely, continue after our time together.

My expertise in working with a vast variety of clients and situations makes my work unique in that the whole person is included in the plan. A new perspective, a complete plan, and someone to believe in you, to mirror back to you what you are capable of, can make all the difference in your success.   That's my responsibility!

 Your inner work is the fun work and your responsibility. It takes a commitment from you to take action and follow my recommendations.  Results can not be guaranteed due to the nature of the work. The No Charge "Lets See" session is vital to determine if I can assist you and we can work together. See you inside!   XX