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Infinite Possiblities Membership

$69.00 each month

Subtotal: $29.00 USD every month
Due Now: $29.00 USD

 Your Membership Includes:

1.  Monthly Class to learn and implement principles to support your growth and up level your life.

2.  Personal Coaching & Questions after class.

3.  Positive Community - active with Dr. Kimberly LeHew!

3.  Weekly Inspiration- Every Monday morning!

4. Dream Alignment Session- clarity and certainty are a powerful force for creation!

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Infinite Possiblities Membership $69.00 each month
Due Now $29.00 USD

Membership terms Infinite Possibilities

Thank you for being a part of Infinite Possibilities.  I appreciate your commitment to your process of personal growth and learning.
I ask you to follow a few simple guidelines, to make sure we create a fair, respectful and loving community for all.

1. All of the content in this course and in the online community is copyright of myself and my business, Purpose 9, LLC. Please do not share it, or distribute it in any way at all without express written permission from myself. Please do not "study with someone else" unless that person has also bought the course from myself.

2. Keep our relationship professional. I am extremely approachable and I want to help you as best I can. However, I have to enforce these boundaries or things become too difficult for me to manage. Please do not contact me through Instagram Direct Message or Facebook Messenger.

**For administrative help only, please contact [email protected] 

For questions regarding material and teachings, videos and Infinite Possibilities material, please ask in the Community and I will be happy to answer.  I will be VERY present to help you.

3. Please be loving and kind inside the online community. We are all working towards one common goal, to be our best! If you disagree with someone, you can state your opinion, but please do so without criticizing, blaming, complaining or judging another member. Remember, it's better to be happy than right ;-)

4. Have realistic expectations of the membership.  I'm encouraging you to go within, heal emotions on your terms, improve your self perceptions and establish an unwavering belief in yourself. The progress and evolution you make is at your discretion and your pace.

Please know health recommendations are generic and not intended to diagnosis, treat, or specific to any one person.   I am not your doctor or offering personal medical advice. 

**Please seek your primary care doctor, specialist or therapist for personal recommendations, treatment, advice or guidance.

5. I ask with kindness and compassion to be mindful of my time. I do not offer 1-1 mentoring. This is what I do offer: In the Infinite Possibilities Community, I will always answer your questions, but NOT personal health care advice.

6. If you purchased Infinite Possibilities, you have 30-day money back guarantee from the day of purchase.  After the first 30 days, there are NO refunds. No exceptions.  But you can cancel at anytime!!  You are charged monthly.  After you unsubscribe, you will not be charged the following month.

7. I reserve the right to remove you from the community AND the Infinite Possibilities Membership without notice or refund, so please follow IP rules.  We all are here to grow and spread love and light. 

8. The price of the group will remain the same for you as a "founder" of Infinite Possibilities.  The price is subject to increase.  As long as you remain a member, your founders price will remain the same.  However, if you unsubscribe and choose to come back, you will be charged the new membership rate.  Thank you for your cooperation and following the guidelines:-)

Much Love,


Dr. Kimberly