The physical body is our vessel for our soul to experience life on this planet.

 Our bodies are created by our choices, our emotions, and our energetic vibrations. Yes, there is genetic influence, but much less as we thought.  Epigenetics demonstrates that the cells respond to their environment...and guess what?  You decide the environment.

We have free will over our physical state.  We choose our fate and we can have great outcomes when we live by the natural laws like- alkaline foods, daily movement, adequate sleep, a healthy environment, and such.

We can in many circumstances self-heal and transform our health.  Quantum healing gives us the power to control the thoughts, which create the emotions, which determine the energy- regenerating or degenerating. The body is capable of self-healing when you live by real health laws.

I have tried almost every diet, exercise program, healing modality, and always keeping my eyes open for or the next one, but I always come back to the basics!  I learned from those doctors and healers that practiced using REAL facts- biochemistry, nature, God, and what innately feels good to my body & spirit.

My mentors have thousands of cases of restored health- difficult hopeless cases that has given me faith in the innate intelligence within.

When you choose healthy lifestyle habits, your quality of life is more likely to be enjoyable.  When you live by natural laws and as a self-healer and not expecting doctors to fix you, you live an empowered life.

 I live by TEN specific lifestyle habits and I share them in my program.

 I have lived by these RADIANT HEALTH habits for over 15 years to inhibit premature aging, but more importantly to increase happiness,  fulfillment, energy and the ability of my body to experience whole RADIANT HEALTH.

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