Dr. Kimberly LeHew  is a chiropractor, licensed in acupuncture, a detoxification specialist and an advanced Ho'oponopono practitioner- by trade. 

My work began at the early age of 14 starting with nutrition and fitness.  It quickly evolved into holistic health while I was simultaneously immersed into my spiritual growth and later quantum healing. 

I knew health involved the spiritual aspect of the soul- although at that time, I was not sure how to merge the two into a practice people would understand or accept.  I now know and can't wait to share it with you.

Spirituality is the foundation for our happiness and fulfillment. You can only create the life you are energetically aligned to, and knowing how to do that purposefully and gracefully is my gift.

My mission is to people align the 4 aspects of the self.  Healing emotional limitations and past wounds, becoming mentally confident believing in yourself, while building a vibrant healthy physical body. 

However, the beginning of the journey begins inside...to know thyself, love thyself unconditionally, and know you are worthy of everything you desire. The real truth, you have everything inside of you NOW, I just show you how to unlock it.  I am honored to assist those ready to leap into discovering their unlimited potential and creating a new fulfilling life of success.    I believe in you!


Anything is Possible

I think of you as family...your success and happiness means the world to me! This is your space as a member to grow and be supported on your journey to becoming all that you desire to be. Stay connected to an uplifting and inspiring community that will be mirroring back to you how awesome you are!


My love for health and fitness started early.   It grew into an obsession of learning and understanding the body, mind and later... the soul and Divine connection.
What healed me from a long struggle from an eating disorder (1982-1994) was my inner drive to know and love myself unconditionally...to do the inner work. Everything that happens is an opportunity to grow and love more.  Being aware, awake, and accepting myself created great success.
I began to understand that we can only create and achieve what we are a vibrational match to.  It explained why things like why I struggled in certain areas, remained stuck in others, or why things kept re-occurring as they did.
This understanding gives you great power and confidence that you get to choose your life!  Your reality is your creation- you were always the director, but now you choose from a place of love and light.
It is my honor and greatest pleasure to open your eyes to your unlimited potential and possibilities by establishing an aligned foundation.  This means, a spiritual foundation that feels great to you.  You will have clarity.  You will know how to navigate your feelings and situations so you can gracefully maneuver challenges and negativity. 
I took the last 6 years to establish a greater connection to the Divine, my higher self and re-define how I was going to live my purpose.    I believe I am right where I need to be in perfect timing to people waking up and wanting to pursue a life with deeper meaning and fulfillment.

The better you understand the mind, body and spiritual connection AND practice a high-vibe lifestyle, the happier, healthier and more abundant you will be. If you can see it in your mind and feel it in your heart…you CAN be, do and have what you desire.


*Doctor of Chiropractic, Cleveland Chiropractic, Kansas City, Mo (2002) * Licensed in Acupuncture (2003) * Detoxification Specialist (2010) * Advanced Ho'oponopono Practitioner (2017/2018) * Soul Art Laura Hollick (2009) * Spiritual Psychology/Masters Program Santa Monica, CA (1996) *BA Communications,Biology St. Louis, MO (1993)


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